Team Leader Bootcamp: Faith in Democracy

We need to talk! The 2022 elections are coming up and they'll be both incredibly important and also confusing to Kansas voters:

  • The Governor, members of US Congress and Senate, and all reps in Topeka are up for re-election
  • The August 2 primary has two constitutional amendments on it - this will be new for a lot of voters
  • Plus, ALL voters (even Unaffiliated voters) can vote on these amendments (but likely won’t know they can)
  • Redistricting will result in new districts that might change who we vote for or where we vote
  • More restrictive voting laws cause a confusing and intimidating environment for Kansas voters

There's a LOT going on, and we think that makes Voter to Voter more important than ever this year. Voters will look to trusted friends for fact-based information, helpful resources, and support - that's where you come in!

Whether you're passionate about a particular outcome or just want to see your community get more involved, Voter to Voter is one of the most effective ways to impact elections this year. Hear about the challenges and opportunities for 2022, make a plan for your outreach, and see the new resources available to you.


May 17, 2022 at 12:00pm - 1pm




Madeline ·


Will you come?